A place where terrorists use to take themselves to A site the fastest way.
The Terrorists are pushing through A short!
by ghjklopui March 2, 2016
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a pair of shorts that exposes parts of the leg that are not meant to be exposed

usually worn by females, or males who are extremely comfortable with themselves
"nice short-shorts!!!(guy smiling and giving thumbs up)"

"ew, those short-shorts are showing more than I need to see!"
by garTITS July 17, 2009
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very, very short shorts
ew, he's wearing short shorts.

damn, she's wearing short shorts
by the breshkleeg master thing February 5, 2009
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1. Short pants whose hemline is above the finger tips with the arms at one's sides.

2. Short pants whose hemline is above half-thigh.

Also: "short-shorts".
Runner's shorts are often short shorts.
by p1z0 January 5, 2010
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shorts worn short enough for your junk to hang out; worn by runners because they are "supposed" to make you run faster
hey look there is Nirav running in his short shorts and his junk is hanging out
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What women wear to show off their ass.
Also used while twerking.
Guy 1- "I saw Lisa in short shorts the other day."
Guy 2- "Was her ass hanging out?"
Guy 1- "Hell yeah! When she saw me looking at it she started twerking!"
Guy 2- "Damn, I wish I had been there."
by Southern Threat December 2, 2020
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