to leave; take off

especially when details of departure or destination are suggested more by circumstance than a schedule or itinerary.

common in the Midwest esp. Mi
Those two argue all the time but if I have to duck, I'm heading out!


We are going to the bar, wanna head out with us?

by miss elis March 31, 2008
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Equivalent to "get the fuck out."

Often used in conjunction with being "all set."
Ex. 1:
"This party is getting a little weird. I'm gonna head out."

Ex. 2:
"I'm all set on Bobby. He can head out."
by BarJen October 1, 2013
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"Heading-out". When you are sure of an imminent migraine.
i.e. The pressure in my head is making everything look wavy..I think I"ll be "heading-out". (coined by me 5-24-2013)
by EndoMigraine May 24, 2013
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When someone does or says some stupid ass shit
Guy 1: Bro what was the name of the boat that sank from the Titanic?
Guy 2: Ight imma head out
by splashmountainigga October 20, 2019
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When something so funny or stupid happens that a guy or you says "ight imma head out"
Guy-"slips on a ice cream cone and falls"

You-"ight imma head out"

You-"starts laughing like hell"
by CanYouLikeNotPlease March 25, 2022
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when yo parents bring up grades on the dinner table.
Mom: "So, Karen, how are your grades in school?"
You: "Ight imma head out."
by lglifeisgood March 18, 2020
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