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10 thousand US dollars cash, in 100 dollar bills.
"The guy makes a brick a month."
by Vatu October 31, 2013

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The art of turning the aggressive momentum of a colleague towards himself or a common goal.
Becky stormed in with her TPS cover sheet bullshit but after five minutes found herself getting coffee for everyone. It was all because of Jane, she has a black belt in office judo.
by Vatu November 16, 2018

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An action or thing possessing the qualities of a Sith, i.e. emanating from the dark side.
Abusing the waitress like that was a sithy thing to do, but he had had it with her attitude.
by Vatu June 25, 2018

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a unique constellation in the space/time continuum that temporarily gives one a James Bond-like ability to pass through airport security and check-in procedures in record time.

"Ben got from the parking lot to the gate in about 15 minutes. Airport Magic."
"Ben got from the parking lot to the gate in about 15 minutes. Airport Magic."
by Vatu August 23, 2015

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A person, who by virtue of their position as ambassador of a country, is able to amass wealth.
Ni Hao got a great deal on some industrial land, a bit too goid in fact. The guy is a real amassador.
by Vatu January 22, 2019

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A moment when it is time to step up and make good on your leadership credentials.
The team was underperforming and unco-ordinated. It was alpha time.
by Vatu May 03, 2019

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An idea that has been looked at more thoroughly and from various angles, often by a group of people.
Well, initially John's roof proposal seemed like a good idea but it turned out to be a bad think after we had a look at some possible scenarios.
by Vatu March 01, 2019

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