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A moment when it is time to step up and make good on your leadership credentials.
The team was underperforming and unco-ordinated. It was alpha time.
by Vatu May 3, 2019
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A person, who by virtue of their position as ambassador of a country, is able to amass wealth.
Ni Hao got a great deal on some industrial land, a bit too goid in fact. The guy is a real amassador.
by Vatu January 22, 2019
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A restaurant to grab something while in transit. Cf. trattoria, pizzeria, bistro
We don't have time to sit down, let's just grab a sandwich from that small transiteria at the airport.
by Vatu September 18, 2019
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An idea that has been looked at more thoroughly and from various angles, often by a group of people.
Well, initially John's roof proposal seemed like a good idea but it turned out to be a bad think after we had a look at some possible scenarios.
by Vatu March 1, 2019
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When you send an email to the person in the next office and then appear in front of them before it hits their inbox or at the latest before they have had a chance to open and skim it.
"I think it's not right not to respect the speed of email. It is confusing."
"Jack shot Peter a mail and just walked over at the speed of email. Be like Jack."
by Vatu August 22, 2019
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An action or thing possessing the qualities of a Sith, i.e. emanating from the dark side.
Abusing the waitress like that was a sithy thing to do, but he had had it with her attitude.
by Vatu June 25, 2018
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A non-confrontational device to make your final contribution to a strand of argument. The counterpart of "raising an issue".
"After having raised the point of budget revisions, Jim wanted to get on with other business so he relaxed the issue by alluding to maintaining the integrity of the project cycle."
"Well, it seems we are not going to see eye-to-eye on this so I want to relax the issue by saying just look at article number five."
by Vatu November 28, 2019
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