Purposely wasting time in order to achieve the same goal, but slower.
Old School Runescape is more difficult than Runescape 3 because you afk for longer.
by Deepsking July 25, 2018
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adjective. euphemism for insisting on condomless sex, usually with a prostitute. Related to spitzer, sense 3.
Kristen said that she liked him, that she did not think he was difficult. He "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe...I have a way of dealing with that...I'd be like listen dude, you really want the sex? You know what I mean."
by Vince Clortho March 14, 2008
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The Difficult is a new, developing, but fast-spreading cult, in this cult there are a few things you need to know, the prophet is the leader of the cult, "The Tragedy" is second in command. Once you join, you are called a difficulty. Our Lord and savior, Diffi, is who we pray to, you can find more information on our YouTube channel (The Sanctimonious Community of Difficult). HAIL DIFFI
(Difficulty Recruiter)- *Says to possible recruit* Hey, bruv, you need to join my cult.

(Possible Recruit) *Says to Recruiter* Sure, what's it called?

(Recruiter) The Difficult
by ThisIsAsh200413 December 18, 2018
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