1. A person who has lost their livelihood due to some unfortunate circumstance in their life (usually ASSUMED to be drug-related), and no longer has a home.

2. A politically-correct, "vanilla", description of someone who has been kicked on their ass by a narcissistic society.

3. Something that wouldn't exist if people ACTUALLY cared about people other than themselves.
Passer-by 1: Hey, look at that homeless person over there! Must be a crackhead!

Passer-by 2: Hey I've seen her before...she used to work down at the homeless shelter before they closed down!
by Squiggly May 8, 2013
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a "homeless person's" sign can only say 'god bless' it CANNOT say, 'god bless YOU'!!
space alien seeking $$ -god bless! is an example of homeless person's law
by michael foolsley December 3, 2009
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The politically correct way of saying "Bum's Rush."
The Liberal Words for "Bum's Rush."
The forcible ejection from a saloon, performed on an objectionable person by a bouncer. It is done by grabbing the offender by the shirt collar and the belt, and pushing him out the door.
"I got the bum's rush from Finkbein's bar last night."
"Oh, you must never say 'bum's rush!' That will offend white liberals! Instead,you should say 'homeless person's manditory egression.'"
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 1, 2008
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