1. characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing: aggressive acts against a neighboring country.
2. making an all-out effort to win or succeed; competitive: an aggressive basketball player.
3. vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness: an aggressive salesperson.
4. boldly assertive and forward; pushy: an aggressive driver.
5. emphasizing maximum growth and capital gains over quality, security, and income: an aggressive mutual fund.
I didn't even do anything. she just started yelling at me. she's just very aggressive.
by SexyMcBigBoobs January 9, 2014
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to be on a urge to attack
When most people get frustrated they become aggressive
by Gerard Irick July 27, 2009
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defines a person who does not know how to be passive, full on assertiveness and aggressiveness at all times, will not back down, does not care to complain about how shitty of a job you are doing, and does not care if you care that he cares.
Man, sometimes I feel Mike is just too aggressive aggressive, he spends his whole morning practicing krav maga and then he heads to work where he spends the whole afternoon yelling at his underlings, and even when he's out on the town having a good time he can't seem to refrain from telling people how much they suck and how much of a pussy they are.
by CAndrew August 10, 2009
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When someone commits an act aggressing another individual, causing undesirable effects to that other individual.
XIAO: steals CONG's backpack.
by Kevin the Cardboard Box March 15, 2021
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Such Aggression Is a phrase created by the one and only marco and runk.
by WILLLLYAM November 6, 2020
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1. Over-the-Top, Excessive, Unnecessary, Too Much to Handle. Does not necessarily have a negative connotation

2. Very Forward and/or Powerful, almost Overbearing or Domineering
1. She put an aggressive amount of cheese on these nachos
2. He has an aggressive dating style, where he sends the girls he dates copious amounts of texts and makes them hang out often
by Kid_Foxy December 22, 2014
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