Awesome, Fucking awesomest person the world, attractive, smart, loyal, best friend you can ever have, nice, friendly, funny, tech savy, every girl wants him, every guys wants to be him, the guy Chuck Norris won't fight, the guy Eminem won't rap the guy Barry Sanders won't race, gets what he wants, good musician, rich, damn sweet, best person to walk the Earth, legendary
Friend: Hey Charles let's get ice cream. I'll pay.

Charles: No it's gonna be free. I'm coming, remember.
by Cwest789 April 2, 2014
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Charles is an awesome person!! He is attractive and all the girls want him. He is also very sweet and loyal. Sometimes he may get a bit sexual with any girl he may be trying to impress. Charles is also very smart and kind, always keeping others in mind. Charles is also super hot, the sexiest being to walk the earth. He is also the guy, every other guy wants to be.
Friend: Dang that Charles is so hawt!
Y/N: I know right!!
by 21anonymous May 1, 2018
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Literally the best person, kind-hearted, God serving, loving, generous.

Hes so great. But if you make him bad he may be your worst nightmare.

He is so funny, geeky, and really the sweetest once you get to know him.
Charles, can I get those digits
by Rai-hope February 28, 2017
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A man that gets wayyy too much head. Bruh this legend must have the most gorgeous of 12-inches to get that much mouth-to-wang action.

Often plays a brass instrument e.g. trumpet to create sexual tension.
"Yo I wish I could be charles"
"Yeah look at the way he gets blown when playing the trumpet"
by SexuallyAttractiveLol May 4, 2021
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A boy that leaves you wondering. A boy who is sweet, funny, and surprisingly poetic. A boy who sometimes can be vague, and doesn't know what he wants. He may seem not to care as deeply as you do, but he does in a more subtle way. A boy who's been hurt, and if you look hard enough, it shows in his words and actions. He's a boy who may seem crazy frustrating, however, he is truly a sweetheart who has more loyalty and affection than anyone else you will ever meet. A boy who if you happen to meet, you should never let go.
"It's him. It's only ever been him. Charles."
by WishUponAStar22 November 27, 2018
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Charles is a good hearted person once you get to know him because when you first meet him he is a mean person. Funny, loyal, good musican, and he doesn't care what people think or how people judge him on what he does/did. He also hides his feelings because he doesn't trust a lot of people, he keeps his circle small. When you first meet him he seems optimistic but actually he is a very pessimistic person, he always puts himself down. He also enjoys pleasing others more than himself
by Obf.charles August 4, 2018
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