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Awesome, Fucking awesomest person the world, attractive, smart, loyal, best friend you can ever have, nice, friendly, funny, tech savy, every girl wants him, every guys wants to be him, the guy Chuck Norris won't fight, the guy Eminem won't rap the guy Barry Sanders won't race, gets what he wants, good musician, rich, damn sweet, best person to walk the Earth, legendary
Friend: Hey Charles let's get ice cream. I'll pay.

Charles: No it's gonna be free. I'm coming, remember.
by Cwest789 April 02, 2014
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Charles is the sweetest, most amazing guy to ever walk the face of the earth. The only guy to know just how to make you smile, even more, the only guy who will take the time to try. He's tall, handsome and very intelligent guy with an amazing personality to go with his great looks. He's very talented, is amazing at what he does. Usually he has black/brown curly hair. He has the greatest sense of humor. though no one would know because he is as shy as he is good looking. He is probably the best kisser you will ever meet and knows how to have a good time. Does amazing things in bed, is very loving and caring and would do anything for the ones he loves. But he's not interested in breaking your heart. He will never try to pressure you into sex. He is amazing to you. And he wont let you ever talk down about yourself. The greatest love one could have would be with Charles.
-Have you met Charles he's the man of my dreams!

-Most awesome guy in the world!
by Hilary guuurll April 02, 2017
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A sweet and handsome boy. He is the most caring person you will ever meet and his smiles just brightens up your day.
Girl: Isn't that Charles over there? Girl 2: He is soo cute
by Coconut99 August 27, 2016
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Charles is an awesome person!! He is attractive and all the girls want him. He is also very sweet and loyal. Sometimes he may get a bit sexual with any girl he may be trying to impress. Charles is also very smart and kind, always keeping others in mind. Charles is also super hot, the sexiest being to walk the earth. He is also the guy, every other guy wants to be.
Friend: Dang that Charles is so hawt!
Y/N: I know right!!
by 21anonymous May 31, 2018
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Literally the sweetest, smartest guy ever. He’s so hot. Tall, blonde and fit. Their smile will make you melt. They send the cutest texts and will have your heart beating out your chest whenever they say I love you. Very athletic and will care about you no matter what. They tend to want thing to be perfect and may not like it if you say the wrong thing. Not very good at taking apologies and may lie to you to make you think differently about them. But other than that they are flawless. Perfect, hot, nice, funny, and popular. They have a endless list of friends and know everybody. Will keep his eyes on one girl but may flirt with others. Can get easily jealous of his friends, but he tries to hide it. He needs a good gf or best friend by his side to help him thru things. Best guy to date for a long time because they will help you, be there for you, and will let you know they love you everyday. They are little shy, so sometimes you will ahve to make the first move. But mostly they try to stand by their manlyness. They are show offs and will flirt the hell out of you if the want you badly. May even choose you over his friends, so sometimes it’s up to you to tell him he can go hang out with his best friends. He won’t let you go unless he really wants to. But when he does, it may be hesitant on telling you why. He will leave you crying, while he doesn’t care. But after a break he may come back around and try to get you back even if your in another relationship.
“Is that charles over there?”
“I heard him and Lola got back together”
by Sarahmayyy January 12, 2019
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Literally the best person, kind-hearted, God serving, loving, generous.

Hes so great. But if you make him bad he may be your worst nightmare.

He is so funny, geeky, and really the sweetest once you get to know him.
Charles, can I get those digits
by Rai-hope February 27, 2017
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