Step up: a command that is uttered at a nigga who is either trying to get in your face or is talkin trash about you like he is the shit when you know that deep down, the nigga is a soft-ass bitch.

Latrell: "Man, that Doug is a biscuit eatin' bitch."

Doug: "Oh so you have somethin' to say? why don't you step up you candy-ass trick."

by Big Snigger July 31, 2006
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to accept responsibility for an illegitimate child, usually one that you fathered
Girl: ... definitely pregnant... getting an ultrasound tomorrow.... one of these niggas gonna have to step up!
by Borx March 4, 2013
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a movie starring channing tatum.

also, has a kick ass theme song.
if you step up i'll step up too.

yo, lets watch step up. AUGUST 11!
by roxanne June 18, 2006
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Get with the times, put more work and hours into what you're doing, the person saying this phrase works hard and is able to show off
Man 1: Hey man, check this out. I got 59 hours on Overwatch and I got 17 kills on one match!
Man 2: Really nibba you serious? I got 460 hours and I get 35 on a match, step up man!
by stinkyboi101 February 17, 2018
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Used to describe a needed increase
"Alex is really stepping up her game."
"Step up and be a man."
by JWeezy January 18, 2006
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A step up is someone in a group of people or friends who does all the awkward shit that's embarrassing just on there own. Making you or everyone else feel superior. Meaning that you are viewed as a step up higher than them popularity wise.
"Tim was being so werid tonight at the party, he really is such a step up. He did do so much werid and awkward things, I am pretty sure the whole group felt more popular than him on a higher level."
by unicorn girl 101 February 5, 2016
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