In the midwest(and maybe other places?), another word for "nowadays."
by Nephemera February 18, 2004
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Phrase used when the FBI take over a scene where the local police had been investigating.
Detective Adams: Hey, what do you think you're doing. We're in charge here!
FBI Agent: Not Anymore You're Not! We have jurisdiction over you.

Older Agent: Look, your little game of goin' over people's heads is over! You could still work, but from now on you answer to ME, you got that?!
FBI Leader: 'Scuse me, who's in charge here?!
Older Agent: I am!
FBI Leader: (more people come in) Yeah well not anymore you're not. This apartment has just been assigned to the FBI.
Older Agent: That's outrageous! On whose orders?!
FBI Leader: On order of the Secretary of Defense! You had your shot, now I'm in charge!
ATF Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore you're not! Orders just came down from Central! They want ATF handling this on all fronts! All right people, from now on you're answering to me!
Secret Service Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore they're not! Orders from the President he wants this handled by his staff personally! Now Nelson is in charge.
Nelson: (bursts into the scene) Not anymore I'm not! (everyone else falls silent)
by Somebody Told Me April 2, 2007
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no longer in surroundings that are quiet and comfortable (a quote of Dorothy's line in the 1939 Wizard of Oz Film)
I hate to say it but we are not in Kansas anymore.
by The Return of Light Joker April 13, 2011
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When you're in a place or situation that is outside your comfort zone or scope of understanding. Strange surroundings.
Man #1: Where are we? Everybody's dressed like a bunch of freaks!

Man #2: We're not in Kansas anymore!
by JeremiahBullfrog December 2, 2008
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That's what Dorothy said. To a witch-biting dog. When she was not in Kansas anymore. Just after riding a tornado.
Dorothy: Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
by youarenotoldenough July 8, 2012
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A (beautiful, soulful) song that Marina And The Diamonds leaked 17 seconds of on July 16th, 2014.
There's no rush anymore/time's on my side/all my worries are gone/I'm enjoying the ride
- I'm Not Hungry Anymore snippet
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