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A small private college outside of Philadelphia with a misleading reputation.

A horrible place to receive a college education because of the calibur of students that get accepted to it.
Chestnut Hill College is the worst school I will ever attend.
by Steven November 30, 2004
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Abbreviation - "It is not" all in one handy word.
It'sn't a crappy word you just dont know how to use it.
by Steven November 22, 2004
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A play on words of bollix, often coupled with jimmy.
He fell on his jimmy scrollix
by Steven December 24, 2003
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Pre grog bog, a bog taken before a big nights drinking see AGB

we should have some beers after i do a PGB
we should have some beers after i do a PGB
by Steven November 16, 2003
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an adjective showing approval
That kid is mad chill.

The beach is chill.
by Steven August 1, 2003
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A suffix used to emphasise the extreme properties of just about any adjective, noun, verb, or even meaningless words.
1: Adam is emoxcore (Adam is overly emotional)

2: I'm sad. SADXCORE! (I'm very sad)

3: WOO! SNOWXCORE! (We had a lot of snow last night)

Crybaby: My dad won't let me drive his new car so I'm going to cut myself.
Guy who's smartxcore:
CRYCRYXCORE! ("Man, no one cares")
by Steven January 1, 2004
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Below average...bad.
or as a general term for "don't care"
Example 1
"How're you feeling?"

Example 2
"What would you like to drink?"
by Steven March 23, 2005
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