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One who is "on the other team" so to speak.

A type of person who would have enjoyed living under British rule and would have protested fighting for independence.

One who does not understand, Saddam was killing men, women, and children to terrorize his people. The men, women, and children we are killing are cassualties and the reason is that we want some stability in the Middle East. We want to see a free Iraq.

A very simple-minded person who just loves being the "freedom fighter" when in fact all they are doing is holding freedom back - and allowing tyranical regimes like the Hussein regime to stay in power.
Hey look at that anti-war protester! How cute!
by Steven July 11, 2004
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Asian Pride Only
When an asian will only talk to another asians.
White guy's friend "Check out that girl. You should ask her out."

White guy "No way man, its not worth it. She is APO."
by Steven February 23, 2005
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A hot latina from Argentia who has a great body and a tremodous ass and who hosts The Daily Download on the FUSE Network Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. live from New York City.
1. Damn. Marianela has a great ass. I'd love to tap that ass.
2. Who cares about the music? The only reason I watch Daily Download is to see Marianela and her sweet ass.
3. Damn is Marianela hot!
by Steven August 6, 2004
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A place where the sould of dead nerds go to be eternally tortured.
Go to Massassi.

And the Lord said to those on his left, "I knowest thou not, goest thou to Massassi and suffer for all eternity.
by Steven March 2, 2003
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very much like an egging, but with meat, cooked or raw; usually done in a playful or violent manner amongst a group of friends or colleagues
"Hey Jim, wanna come over this weekend? We're having a meating at Brian's place."

"Sure! I'll bring the hobo meat!"
by Steven January 4, 2005
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Below average...bad.
or as a general term for "don't care"
Example 1
"How're you feeling?"

Example 2
"What would you like to drink?"
by Steven March 23, 2005
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