190 definitions by Steven

the act of borrowing golf carts to drive around on teh golf course at night.
man we swamped good last night
by Steven February 14, 2003
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the bad guys from the movie 'the chronicals of riddick'

they wore these weird red glass masks or something
holy shit that necromunger is comin at us, ahhhh
by Steven April 6, 2005
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Abbreviation - "It is not" all in one handy word.
It'sn't a crappy word you just dont know how to use it.
by Steven November 22, 2004
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Although a music type much like THRASH, the term THRASH is too closly related to METAL, THRASH METAL, and the like. Don't get me wrong all mentioned above rule!!! Fastcore is a more clean sounding, usually non grinding guitars, abrasivly fast drums (blast beats), with usually mid to higher pitched screamin vocals...?
fuck on the beach, charles bronson, cold world,....etc...
by Steven March 24, 2005
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while recieving oral sex, the penis gets smacked on the girl's forehead strong enough to leave a bruise.
i have her a purple mushroom she'll never forget
by Steven February 14, 2003
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Shit, something people don't want to hear.
Stop talking smack or imma fuck you fuck
by Steven March 7, 2005
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Man, I'm all outta hydro. Guess it's time to see the reefer chief.
by Steven May 19, 2005
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