Sexual Intercause, sex
e.g. omg annabel had a flop with elliot
by r2j2p November 7, 2006
The Flop is the penis coming out of the slacks or trousers.
You have till 5 o'Clock to make with the Zip, the Flop, the Splash and the Boo-Hoo
by FlopFerDays April 29, 2014
Flop-on is the term used when a male is unable to achieve an erection due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Did you hear what Hunter did it last night? He got totally wasted and attempted to fuck this amazingly hot girl but he got his Flop-on....again!

Awh man! I'm sorry. I've got my Flop-on. No action for you tonight.
by McZane November 22, 2010
a fail or an attempt to do something
girl: i got 5 likes on my profile picture it flopped so hard
by stellabarnett March 3, 2015
Flop is synonymous to Akshay Kumar.
Akshay Kumar holds the record of maximum number of 80 Flops. Hence he is the perfect definition of flop.
When akshay kumar born, bollywood said 'yeh dekho flop hua hai'
tommyinnit and the rest of the dsmp losers.
homosexual: stan loona
floppyinnit: no
homosexual: ok

*a few days later*

floppyinnit: oh no! i’m homeless!!

this is what happens when you don’t stan loona, you will turn into homenotfound.
by yyizhuo February 20, 2022