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A disgusting game in which a cracker is place between two men. The men then masterbate and try to hit the cracker with their semen and the one to hit the cracker last must then eat it.
"I believe there is a depraved flash game called Crackers on"
"Yeah its fucking gross"
by gov'tsucks June 27, 2006
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Cracker is a game played between 2 or more people with dicks. A cracker is placed before each crank and on the count of 3 the participants race to ejaculate on their cracker. The last one to complete the orgasmic release must eat everyone else's spooge covered saltine.
Dude! You lost! Eat that jizz covered, crispy bread! You suck at Cracker! Maybe you should take up sucking dick!
by Mandrew December 06, 2015
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A term commonly used in Miami in reference to an authoritative figure such as the police, government, or officials within the government that is able to exercise police power(s).
Hey bro you were supposed to be here 2 hours ago, what happened?
I pulled out of my complex & the crackers pulled me over for speeding thru a red light.
by JB-305 March 02, 2014
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A game typically played by male teenagers where multiple guys each have crackers and try to cum onto them. The last player to cum has to eat all the other crackers with the cum on it including theirs
matt-“ yo yesterday we played an intense game of crackers at joe’s house”
bryan-“ lmao i heard bob had to eat all the cum
matt- “yea facts it was nasty”
by the_bomb98 December 05, 2018
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Noun. A british term to describe someone who is a bit crazy, a loose cannon.
Dave: What the fuck is Craig doing kicking off with them lads at the bar?!

Paul: Not a clue mate, he's fucking crackers!
by dmc1dmc August 06, 2017
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