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The greatest band ever. They spawned the second greatest band ever, the Gay Flamingos.
"Get the scientists working on the tube technology" - Jack
"(done as backup) technology" - Kyle
by steven April 7, 2004
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1. The feeling of affection that starts at your heart then surges through your whole body and then hits your stomach as if your stomach is filled with butterflies.
3. One of the greatest things a person feels
2. A strong, glimps feeling of love
"Steven gets The Feeling everytime he sees, feels, or thinks of Jacqui"
by steven March 20, 2004
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One who is "on the other team" so to speak.

A type of person who would have enjoyed living under British rule and would have protested fighting for independence.

One who does not understand, Saddam was killing men, women, and children to terrorize his people. The men, women, and children we are killing are cassualties and the reason is that we want some stability in the Middle East. We want to see a free Iraq.

A very simple-minded person who just loves being the "freedom fighter" when in fact all they are doing is holding freedom back - and allowing tyranical regimes like the Hussein regime to stay in power.
Hey look at that anti-war protester! How cute!
by steven July 11, 2004
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Asian Pride Only
When an asian will only talk to another asians.
White guy's friend "Check out that girl. You should ask her out."

White guy "No way man, its not worth it. She is APO."
by steven February 23, 2005
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A classic "I Did Your Mom Last Night" block. Used to intimidate bullies, with a quick comeback.
Guy: Dude, I Did your mom Last Night.

Guy: Well, too bad she has aids.
by steven March 3, 2005
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Unclean,messy, dirty and scruffy,
Joe L Turner your room is not tidy
by steven November 4, 2004
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The ringing in your ear that is sometimes heard, usually because a sound is too loud.
My music was so loud, I now have chronic tinnitus.
by steven December 15, 2003
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