Perfection. A woman who will amaze you around every turn. Every word she says will make your knees week and your heart flutter. You will have many restless nights not being able to get her off your mind, but she's so awesome you won't mind. She will care for you with all of her heart and listen to every word you say. If you can win her heart, you'll be the luckiest guy in the world
Beth is so perfect, I can never stop thinking about her.
by bscott June 20, 2014
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A girl that everyone has in their year group. She's not really noticeable, not really tall, but is probably the most beautiful creature you could see in your life. Just like a unicorn. Or maybe even better. She's really cute. Just a look at her will make you fall in love with her. She's really weird, funny, hyperactive, and so insanely attractive. You'd dream to be her friend if you ever saw her.
-Oh, thanks for the cake you gave me.
-Always welcome, Beth. :)
by SirDrakula June 14, 2014
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Beth; the girl you can't find fault with. Generally a lovely girl, with a brilliant sense of humour and very popular with everyone! You don't want to get on the wrong side of her though, because her feisty, and witty comments could burn anyone to the ground! Very loyal friend, who would do anything for anyone who is worth it. Usually very confident and independent., but not arrogant, and a talented at many things. Although sometimes she can be very quiet, timid and shy. Doesn't easily love a boy, likes the chase and playing hard to get. But if you're the right boy, you will give in and commit 100% to you. You just have to know how to treat her right.
Boy 1: That girls perfect, a true Beth.

Boy 2: I wish she was mine.

Girl 1: I wish I was more like Beth.
Girl 2: Everyone loves her.
Girl 1: That's because she is flawless:)
by santa2569 November 17, 2011
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A rare unique name. You don't find Beth's very often they are very gentle and can often be the best in bed. Always good looking, they love nature and respect the earth. A Beth is commonly a girl whose been hurt and this is because she was faced with hardships in her past or perhaps her childhood and can be misunderstood. And if a Beth is still in a stage of hardships all I can say is simply be there for her she's a strong girl and is only growing stronger but even the strongest of people break down, everyone needs someone to lean on, you should be that one for her. She's got the kindest most powerful heart ever, but unfortunately some Beth's hold a lot of hurt in them, and take more time then other girls to learn how to use them. But she's such a sweet beauty and knows how to make you smile just by being herself your heart jumps out to her. One day she will become an extremely strong courageous, woman that can do wonderous things. Never doubt them.
Tim : "whoa that girl's got a lot of courage, I've never seen someone quite like her before."

Simon : "she's been through a lot, I believe she can do anything now."

Tim : "I want a Beth of my own!"
by MaxxxD September 27, 2011
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That girl who you just cant find anything to bitch about. Always really nice, but never too nice. Generally quite smart and can be blushingly nerdy, but the type of nerd that everyone loves. Has an awesomely wicked sense of humour that's so witty and can burn people to the ground. Someone everyone wants to be friends with.

Also the famous kiss song
and the name of the sickly beth in little women.
Often the shortened name of Elizabeth or Bethany but Beth's loathe being called anything but Beth (especially Elizabeth nicknames like Lizzie and Betty)
Wow isn't Beth so nice?

Man, Beth's smart and funny. She just cut me so bad.
by Jeremy Emerton September 11, 2008
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Occasionally a shortened form of Elizabeth or Bethany, but can ALSO be just Beth, and nothing else.

Beths are generally one of two people: the uber-nice girl-next-door, or the rad hottie with a body that you've wanted to get in the sack since you knew what your penis could be used for.

The uber-nice Beths are typically quiet and slightly introverted, but are one of the sweetest and most genuine people you will ever meet. They will do anything for a friend, and wouldn't dream of saying a harsh word of anyone, even if it needs said. These Beths are usually very pretty, but just under gorgeous until you get to know them and see their true "inner beauty". What makes them so beautiful is their kind nature.

The hottie Beths usually don't realize that they're hotties. You've grown up with her and have watched her become more and more stunning with each passing day, yet she only sees, and will always see, herself as slightly-above average. These Beths have some bite to their bark. They will openly tell you how it is, but are kind enough to only do so when needed if the information is potentially damaging or hurtful. These Beths are generally super-intelligent, and have a killer sense of humor. They're witty and quick, and are the essential friend to have around when the going gets rough.
(super nice Beth)
Girl 1: Did you see what Jane was wearing today?? Talk about puke on a dress! It was hideous!

Beth: I didn't think it was that bad. She still looked pretty.

Girl 1: Whatever, Beth, you don't have a mean bone in your body. Trust me when I say that Jane's dress was disgusting and everyone but her knows it.

Beth: You don't have to wear the dress, though, so why does it bother you so much that it isn't something that you would pick out? She likes it, so I think she should wear it. I mean, I'm not trying to be mean, or anything, I'm just saying.

Girl 1: . . . I guess you're right, Beth.

(hottie with a body Beth)
Guy 1: You wanna invite Beth over for a swim?

Guy 2: Dude, only if you don't stare at her like she's a steak. It creeps her out. She honestly thinks you're Special, or something.

Guy 1: Yeah, well if I were as good of friends with her as you are, I'd be tappin' that ass, son.

Guy 2: It's not like that, bro. She's fine as hell, but she isn't just a piece of meat. She's got substance, dude.

Guy 1: Whatever, I just wanna see that rack. Call her. Now.
by JesusOnRollerblades July 3, 2011
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The nicest, hottest. funniest, most kissable, most gorgeous, most special(In a good way) girl in the world. Great girlfriend. There is no way somebody could not love her.
Guy 1-Who is that girl?
Guy 2-That's Beth.
Guy 1-Is she single?
Chris-Back the fuck off. If you lay a hand on her or hurt her I will beat you shitless.
Guy 1-Sorry, bro. She is just so hot.
Chris-Well she is mine.
Guy 1-I'll shut up now.
by Beth's Boyfriend July 23, 2011
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