thizzin. high off e.
" damn i was so smacked last night"
by jnvjdksnv January 7, 2008
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To be On one,Under the influnce of mdma,E tarded,thizzing,Rolling balls.
"I was dumb ass smacked Off that Red Bunny"
by Mr.MDMA May 19, 2008
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Really ugly looking person. Someone who's normal face looks like its been smacked, making them highly unattractive.
James looked over to Betty's ogre resemblance face and thought to himself.. "Man she is smacked"
*walks away*
by ilikemandy July 3, 2014
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Full or near full to capacity.
I went to Chrome last week and it was smacked with honeys.
by TuMadresFav October 6, 2008
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