To receive some kind of sexual favor from someone whether you are going out or not.
Did you get a piece yesterday?
by Chiz Nizzle April 4, 2003
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When you get something and someone that is close to you asks for some.
"*Opens bag of hot cheetos*"
"Damn nigga lemme get a piece"
by YaBoiJohnn September 4, 2017
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This term is often directed towards women to ask for sexual stimulation.
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
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to engage in vaginal copulation from the male's perspective
you may have christened the guest bedroom, but, did you get your piece wet?
by joe November 30, 2004
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1. A sexual inquisition.
2. Also a request for props typically immediately following a success of some sort.
by Giganerd April 25, 2004
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A pickup line, commonly used by members of the male gender, suggesting the desire to have sex with the person being asked.

"A piece" is a shortened form of "A piece of ass"
by Kris April 21, 2004
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