16 definitions by Sandi68

Used in the medical field to describe the period of time before someone dies.
The patient in 537 has been swirling the drain all day.
by Sandi68 April 13, 2006
When you die after being in the hospital.
Mr Jones was transferred today to the celestial care unit.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
1. Christmas holiday song about a small donkey named Dominic sung with a heavy Italian accent. Sounds alot like Dominique the donkey.
2. Means fat, ugly and stupid.
The family court judge didn't think it was funny when my son told him we sang "Dominic the donkey" around Christmas. Okay, so my ex husband had married a girl named Dominique! I don't know what everyone was so sensitive about anyways!
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
A little slow on the uptake. One who is almost smart but yet, not quite.
Crazy or stupid.
One who takes a great nation and deep sixes it into oblivion.
The current president George W. is two fries short of a happy meal! Seriously!!
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
An insightful look into the life and accessories of soccer moms as portrayed on the talented website bearing the same name.
That new coach handbag on Kay is fresh skWeez'd.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
1.The empty set is not the same thing as nothing; it is a set with nothing inside it. It's a mathmatical term.
2. The head of a stupid person.
Kevin is such an empty set. He's got nothing going on upstairs.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
Kinda nutty. A little crazy. Genetically speaking, simple.
Dick Cheney is one card short of a deck.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006