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If Dominic wants to have sex with you and thinks your sexually attractive then Dominic wants to stick his hard dick in your food or drink anytime anywhere he is extremely sexy and the most preferred for sex willing or unwilling
Dominic wants to stick his peen in your colada
by Respect the 90’s baby August 3, 2021
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Dominic is a r&b /thug /rapper/ lyricist/ pornstar/model/ singer/ producer/ Maintainance man/ Rasta I feel sad for any female who ever dissed him in the past he is so sexy they truly missed out on one of the greatest nights of their lives
by Test Her limit bruh December 20, 2020
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A guy that certain famous female pornstars(Katrina jade Mandy muse Veronica rodriguez Kelsi Monroe Eva Angelina Abella danger Gabriella paltrova Madison ivy ) won't leave alone because of his sex game hard stroking and his large cock sometimes he has orgys with all of them and only him at the same time and lots of fun he gets really annoyed by this sometimes though he's the sexiest with long curly hair and redbone skin and likes to get fucked up and party hes jus cool to be around he's from Austin Texas
Pornstar:I'm gonna go to Dominics in a little bit you wanna cum

Other pornstar:sure why not
by Savy my nigga January 13, 2019
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I want him to smack me around with his hard dick and fuck my face
Dominic stood on the tub but naked and told me to come here I got closer and he swacked me in the face Oh my god I love it when he does that
by Respect the 90’s baby June 15, 2021
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It’s hard for dominic to work because some of the sexiest women keep having sex with him on the daily while he’s at work spontaneously and out of nowhere or on sight they love the way he fucks it’s hard for dominic to resist women like this luckily he’s playa and likes making money but sadly he’s a freak and horny
Dude we gotta put a chastity belt on dominic until after work or he’s not gonna get much done everyday This just don’t make no sense I caught him fucking like twice today

Hopefully he doesn’t have any kids

by Monster mash 006 August 7, 2020
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Dominic is the sexiest little man who’s perfect cock consumes and absorbs all big dick energy within the area on accident into dominic’s Jesus cock dominic loves receiving head so he has a masturbating problem because dominic loves to cum one of the sexiest things to watch is dominic cum especially on the sexy ladies faces and asses or their feet dominic loves certain types of womens feet especially shawntaes and Sophia’s feet
Damn I walked in an dominic was getting mounted by this sexy ass chick man I can’t fucking stand that guy
by The giant clam ;) 💦💧 April 21, 2022
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Dominic shoots his cum all on your face and smacks you with his hard cock All day and night throughout the day
He came all over my face and then started smacking me around with his leaking cock

Wow I wanna fuck Dominic that sounds fun
by Bend over and take it raw February 17, 2021
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