1. To shove or push someone in the face. Unlike striking.
No punches were thrown, only some handbags.
by nocturnal January 4, 2005
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A girls gay pal who unexpectedly turns up on your date
'How did you get on up Byres Rd?'
'Oh she brought her handbag Kieran!'
by James Stewart July 2, 2004
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what you say to someone who gets all uppity when you make some jibe. Picture little old ladies raising their handbags in front of them and going "oooOOOOOooo"
TM: "...you're like their poster boy."

S: "WHAT? I can't believe you are saying that. In fact in the last two weeks i've taken the initiative to organise peeps I know to get to a private-party-in-a-club called Traffik, and to an upcoming Latin-inspired outdoor dance festival. Most people know which is my favourite venue (and, incidentally, I know which is most other peoples favourite as well because they've told me so, but there's always the odd one out) but that hasn't precluded me from going to loads of other clubs and events in the past just as it won't in the future..."

TM: "oooOOOOOooo! Ok man - don't have a hernia"
by TM June 14, 2004
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A: What about Inez?
B: Well, It's not that I hate her, but she's just such handbag.
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Someone who spends so much time in the sun they look like a leather handbag.
Did you see that handbag that just walked by? your grandma is a total handbag.
by girtby March 31, 2006
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:noun: companion for outing or social occasion.
specifically: studly,butch,aussie, always willing to accompany a bangin' babe to theater, coffeehouse, bar or event of bangin' babes choosing.
Outing with handbag almost always involves some miscommunication over who gets to open the door for whom.
Wonder Woman had a spare ticket to the theater and Cuntstable McPhister offered to be her handbag.
by FURNACE March 5, 2005
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The place where's she's hiding that piece that she's going use to bust a cap in you for forgetting her birthday.
Shit! She's reaching into her handbag, my ass is grass for sure.
by Joshua2345 May 12, 2008
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