What Urban Dictionary isn't.
Seriously, close this tab and never open it again.

Go study or some shit, even Instagram is more insightful than this shame of humanity.
by Pu$$yEater69 January 06, 2019
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understanding, intuition, wisdom, perception.
Angelia saw great insight to the problem I was having and helped me find a way to solve it..
by Alexandraya September 12, 2008
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the process of bringing comprehension and understanding to others; enlightening others through simple presence or communication of ideas; imparting wisdom
v. He caused the crowd to disperse by insighting a riot.

adj. He was so insighting that, suddenly, we all understood everything.
by Ironheart January 22, 2011
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To have no neck.
Joel I really wanted you to have this necklace, but you're so insightful.
by Paul Vitty January 25, 2009
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Insightfulness; depths of perception; understanding
Having these promises, beloved, perfect holiness in the fear of God's insightness.
by Hercolena Oliver August 26, 2009
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