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n. When people shoot bears for means of sport, entertainment, etc.
- "I went bearing today and i wiped out 2 bears."
- "That guy's bearing, GET HIM!"
- "Man i love bearing"
- "Man i hate bearing"
by -Cheesy October 16, 2011
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the part of a skateboard that makes the wheels spin, instead of having them stick everytime they go around
man i need some new bearings....mine are rusting, that aint good
by Ben Carrion June 30, 2004
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Danish slang for taking a shit, is "bjørne". Can be directly translated as an act of "bearing". A bear is a synonym for shit. The act of shitting as so is called "Bearing" - or as we say in Denmark "bjørne".
Dude, I've got a huge bear on deck... Imma go bearing.
by danishflandersdk September 11, 2015
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buy the domain for your cat blog
You are talking utter shit and dont know what you are talking about
"You think your 10 men, your chatting bearing"
"The blackout crew are chatting bearing"
by Phil the power July 10, 2008
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