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this motherfucking cute bitch will always deny how god damn cute she is but really her giggles are just so fucking adorable you'll love her in two seconds
Me: Kay you're cute as fuck
Kay:No i'm not
Me:Yes you are fuck off
Kay: No rawr i'm evil
Me: God damn it yes you are you cute fucker
by Viktor RezDad August 02, 2018
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(proper noun) - name which means:

a. the hottest girl on the planet
b. fun-loving
c. smart and witty
d. someone you should keep for the rest of your life
e. your perfect girl
Kay just takes my breath away. She's perfect!
by purple27 July 11, 2009
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A great and caring friend, someome who you can count on to help you through your toughest hours.
Person 1: Hey, I need someome to talk to about something.
Person 2: You should speak to Kay she's a great person.
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by Moe K August 28, 2016
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A girl with a great sense of humor, AMAZING smile, and a kick ass body. She's the type of girl that all guys want. She's mostly relaxed and chill but has her moments of craziness. She's a loveable girl who is just awesome.
Guy1: "Dude you see that girl over there?"

Guy2: "Yeah, that's Kay"
Guy1: "Like woah..."
Guy2: "I call dibs!"

Guy1: "FML :("
by el josher August 25, 2010
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a shortened version of the word "okay," usually used online or by teenage girls that are trying to piss off their parents by cutting every sentence they say (usually asking said teenage girl to do something she doesn't want to do) short. can also effectively end a conversation.
Mom: honey, i need you to take out the tra-
Jenny: kay.
Mom: and i also need you to clean your roo-
Jenny: kay.

Mom: alright, now i'm pissed. no facebook for a mon-
Jenny: kay.
Mom: is that all you can say?
Jenny: no, i can also say "shut up, kay?"

conversation over.
by hahaomglolkit:)'sx&o'slmfao September 18, 2011
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The easiest way to say "Don't care, so why are you talking?" when responding to someone. Used mainly when someone is trying to brag about something. Can be used repetitively if the point isn't gotten across the first time.
Person 1: So, I got this new game that just came out, it's -so- good.

Person 2: 'kay.

Person 1: The graphics are great, I love it.

Person 2: 'kay.
by UnderstandingSarcasm March 28, 2009
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