(proper noun) - name which means:

a. the hottest girl on the planet
b. fun-loving
c. smart and witty
d. someone you should keep for the rest of your life
e. your perfect girl
Kay just takes my breath away. She's perfect!
by purple27 July 11, 2009
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this motherfucking cute bitch will always deny how god damn cute she is but really her giggles are just so fucking adorable you'll love her in two seconds
Me: Kay you're cute as fuck
Kay:No i'm not
Me:Yes you are fuck off
Kay: No rawr i'm evil
Me: God damn it yes you are you cute fucker
by Viktor RezDad August 2, 2018
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- A honest girl with a true heart
-Someone that would take a bullet for he right people-l
-Holds crushes longer than expected but for the right reasons to

-Can be a disappointment

-Try’s to keep smiling...it doesn’t always work.
Me: Kay is such a good person but I wonder how she really acts
Friend: Yh I wonder..
by Cupjay13 October 26, 2018
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A great and caring friend, someome who you can count on to help you through your toughest hours.
Person 1: Hey, I need someome to talk to about something.
Person 2: You should speak to Kay she's a great person.
by Moe K August 29, 2016
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A beautiful girl with brown hair, Hazel eyes and a gorgeous smile.

If you see Kay walking around a corner it either means she's enjoying a nice walk, or she's just hiding from a mob of boys.

Kay enjoys the outdoors and loves to write on her free time. Although Kay writes a lot of smut, she's a great friend to have even with the worst situations.

Kay can't stand bullying and will stand up for others at any time. If someone tries to make fun of her though, kay will just laugh at them for their stupidity of even trying.

If you made kay cry, (which literally never happens) Kay is not crying because she's upset, but because you made her mad enough, she could hurt you.

Do you want a life time lasting friend?

Kay is who you should be going for.
Person 1: dude. Whos that hyper girl over there?

Person 2: aha, you're looking at Kay. Hot right?

Person 1: like damn.

Person2: well too bad! I call dibs!!

Person 1: fuck..
by Colton D June 6, 2018
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One of the best guys you can date. He always tries to make you happy. Looks rather arrogant but is in reality one of the most loving people in the world. If you meet him you will fall in love with him immediately. He is a bit of a nerd but that makes him so sweet. He will always make you laugh no matter how bad-tempered you are. The perfect man for a relationship.

And he looks awesome, has a lot of tattoos and an incredible body.
Girl 1: I meet the perfect Guy.
Girl2: Oh so he's a Kay.
by TheSecondGod September 27, 2019
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A girl with a great sense of humor, AMAZING smile, and a kick ass body. She's the type of girl that all guys want. She's mostly relaxed and chill but has her moments of craziness. She's a loveable girl who is just awesome.
Guy1: "Dude you see that girl over there?"

Guy2: "Yeah, that's Kay"
Guy1: "Like woah..."
Guy2: "I call dibs!"

Guy1: "FML :("
by el josher August 25, 2010
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