1. to be caught doing something not guch i.e. cheating, texting, hooking up with someone who is fuckt in de face

2. the state of being fucked in the face, or anywhere else
1. "what are you waiting for? Jam him!"

2. "oh man youngah a wee bit jammed in de face...need some bunty nice and guch?"
by nice and guch November 25, 2009
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The act of being under the heavy influence of Perscription Opiates. The strong euphoric feeling of the drug gives you the sense that you do not want to do anyuthing but relax and enjoy the high. Hence the feeling of being "Jammed Up"
Marijuana intenses the effects and is recomended at the begining and end of the high
Boing Jammed includes Opiates include: Percocet(oxycodon), vicodin(hydrocodon), OxyContin, Morphine, and Phentinal.
by see you latter man February 27, 2008
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The act of being under the influence of any powerful opiate.
Can be and many times is used to discribe oxycodones effecs but can be used to describe the effects of almost
Any opiate that will give you a good hard high. In boston this also
Is used to describe the high achived after using heroin also. You get the rush when you inject after the rush you are jammed. Because you are so content with
Whatever you are doing at the time. Usually jammed would inclode being
High on weed in most cases. May also involve. Intake of benzodiazepines (xanax, klonopin , ativan ,etc)
I do not recommend mixing opiates and benzos it can easily become
Life threatening if the user is inexperiencnced or plain careless with doses of both
Drugs. So new england is jammed. Lol
"Ya after I shot that bag I got the other night the rush wasn't too crazy but i
Was JAMMED for like 8 hours that's good dope."

"Yo kid What's up. Ya I grabbed an 80 (oc 80) yesterday afternoon and just decided to snort the whole

Motherf*cker. I was soo jammed I never left my couch. Well except to get food

Ha ha. It was ill "
"wow what's wrong with that bitch. She just walked into a wall ? Hate to tell
You homeboy she is jammed uP. If I were u I would steer clear of her if
You like having money or anything valuable around. Her jamm habit is throgh the
Roof. I heard she switched over to sniffin that dope"
by the syrynge slammer October 12, 2009
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1. Having an activity or pursuit intentially/unjustly hindered or prevented by someone else. Also see "jammed up."
"I would have made it to the NFL if I hadn't been jammed up by my High School coach."
by BadboyBill April 1, 2004
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The slang word for when your fucked up on oxycotin (O.C.)
by SQUANTUM August 26, 2004
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"I can't figure out how to work this toaster."
"Dude, that's cause you're jammed."

kid: "I like your hat. Can I have it?"
you: "Sure"
Your Friend: "Where's my hat?"
you: "It was ugly so I gave it to that jammed kid."
by JDR May 10, 2006
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To be shot in a major way. You curl up in pain looking "jammed-up". Usually getting jammed means you got killed. Some call a gun a "jammy". Popular in gang/drug culture.
If that guy messes with me one more time he's going to get jammed!
by RM March 5, 2005
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