Generally, intelligent people. Often criticized for their ability to think for themselves and for going against the rules of the normal people.
by zeffer December 13, 2003
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The crazy people are cool.
by Anna August 2, 2003
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people that can read eachother minds and comunicate telepathically. people that edit eachother spelling mistakes. people that make up ridiculous plans and build on them to ammuse themselves. people that like to make fake farting noises.
by blacklab January 11, 2011
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a usage of time revolving around a vague concept of crazy people saying you're late when they themselves aren't there yet, and crazy people saying they're on their way when they haven't left yet
A: Abby where are you ! we agreed to be here at 7.
AB: shi- you meant normal time ? I thought you meant as in crazy people time
by man that Steals your girl November 1, 2023
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When mentally disturbed people used human excrement as an art material
I went to visit my nan in the old peoples home yesterday and she'd written her name on the wall in crazy people paint
by Dan the Bastard June 15, 2011
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These are the crazy forum people that make pictures and signatures all day long. After hours of that they switch to telling other people what they are doing wrong and why.
Ex. John spends all his time telling people how to crop their photos correctly on the Photoshop forums! He must with the crazy photoshop people.
by Kesai furockt March 20, 2006
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