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Something Charlie Sheen can't do. It if looks like he's losing, he's just having a winning overload.
If you are playing a game and the other team is up by alot, your losing. If Charlie Sheen is on the same team as you, he can switch sides so that he doens't have a winning overload.
by assrider190 April 13, 2011
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pronouncd "low-sing"
stands for Lawn Ornament Stealing, where several groups treck around the city in cars and steal select lawn ornaments.

"Urban scavenger hunt"
"Do you have your team for LOSing yet?"
"Yeah! I'm so psyched for tonight!"
by baldymcgoo February 13, 2009
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1) When there is a disappointing and less than expected outcome to a situation
2) Anything that results in the loss of cool points
3) The opposite of getting your life
Bethany tripped in front of Amare, she lost.

My girl isn't trying to do it tonight, I'm losing.

Gabrielle found out her ex is gay, she lost.

My bank account is losing
by G-Phi September 07, 2008
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Failing to win a competition against an enemy, being defeated by the opponent.
The Pittsburgh Pirates. They have accumulated 18 straight losing seasons, in that strech they have had a losing record from June until the end of the baseball season in September each of the 18 years.
by Naviel May 12, 2011
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