83 definitions by Robin

a major league pitcher from Korea who's right handed.
now he's in Boston Red Sox
it also stands for
Bonds killer (Bonds is hitless against Kim)
Bambino killer
Bronx Killer
Bone to be K (He strikes alot)
Hey there goes BK!!
He stikes out Bonds yesterday.
by Robin December 01, 2003
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CAAAAAREFREE wherever you may be
chelsea aint got no history
by Robin January 03, 2005
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Habbo hotel is for little gay little 10 year olds with no friends to pretend they have a social life with their pretend little person
Habbo: Will you be my friend
Habbo1: Ok then
Habbo: My name is gertrude, my favourite sport is cricket and my favourite thing in the whole wide world is habbo hotel!
Habbo1: ME TOO!
by Robin January 03, 2005
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a game full of cunt admins who banned me permenantly

if you are reading this admins you know who i am you little cunts and i will be back just you wait
by Robin January 03, 2005
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Kwamit originated in the USA 16th century when a young man named Henry Seedcave mis-pronounced the name Kermit. He was laughed at, and people from then on went on to call him Kwamit. You could say
"oh, he's gone and done a Kwamit!" or
"look at that Kwamit CUNT!"
or "haha what a Kwamit"
by Robin January 05, 2005
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laughing at loosers, mostly used in online FPS games
Jolmigt: LaL
Timewalk: LaL
by Robin December 08, 2004
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