The famous facial expression of annoyance or anger by quirking the corners of the mouth down. Also as a verb: to show annoyance or anger by quirking the corners of the mouth down.
Harun had a big frown on his face when his identical twin Musa won a medal and Harun did not.

Jim frowned as the elephant sneezed him off its back and Jim was then left in the howdah hanging in front of the elephant's rump. "What if the elephant has to do number two?" thought Jim as he continued to frown in frustration.
by JMC70 December 23, 2018
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Whenever I see someone frown, I simply imagine it as an inverted smile, and feel happy.
by i'mnotcertain December 14, 2010
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Commonly seen in pictures of Emo people.

Turn it upside down!

by Jesse J.,., June 20, 2008
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The downward journey the facial muscles make when pissed off.
A man is on his lunch break and is in the canteen. He's see's his favorite sandwich, but as he extends his arm with intentions to take it a stealthy philosoraptor scuttles by and snatches it.

Man's Brain: WTF!!!
Man's Stomach: Yeah, I'm hungry. What should we do
Man's Brain: ..... ehhh. I dunno!
Man's Penis: Hey face muscles, look like your taking a shit, maybe that'll scare him.
Man's Anus: Should I shit one out too?
Man's Penis: No, you idiot. It's called "FROWNING". We just want to look grumpy and express our displeasure at the dinosaurs actions.
by Roof Fox February 25, 2014
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A fake brown, meaning a white washed Indian person who is brown or Indian in appreance but acts white and is very dumb.
He claims he is Indian but he is a frown.

Jai is such a frown.
by Nikhil11233 March 14, 2017
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A frown characterized by turning down the corners of the lips.
by ilikecacti October 7, 2010
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