83 definitions by Robin

someone who muches on a cunt while trying to surf in their shit filled bog
a cunt munching shit surfer? now i've seen everything!
by Robin February 6, 2005
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Two people, either of the opposite sex or same sex, touching each others penis/vagina for pleasure and/or orgasm.
As I lay next to my girlfriend she used her hand to rub my hard cock, while I slipped my fingers into her hot tight pussy.
by Robin May 17, 2005
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someone who chops off girls titties and sells them at the market
tit munger: get your fresh tits
Sane person: *calls police*
by Robin February 6, 2005
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similar to shagmaster, meaning exactly the same thing, but this is a term you would use to describe yourself..
I am a Shagmeister,
I am The Shagmeister.
you would not use this term to describe anybody else, you use it to big up yourself and be cool.
by Robin January 5, 2005
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A plea to all you half wit frog bashers to save my poodle on christmas day from his usual kiddy fondling antics around the christmas tree of yorkshire pudding.
Robin: Where's your head at? WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT?
MG: I am the only gay in the village
Rover: save me
by Robin February 6, 2005
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When you're Fart so terribly gross that people throw up or even worse sometimes they shit themselves from tha fear radiated by this monster that makes a noise like a cat dieing
Egg-fart: meeeeeeeeeeeoooooooawwww.....

random guy: oooooaaarg I just crapped myself
by Robin December 10, 2003
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past tense, a young boy who has been abused.
poor lad, he was kevd you know.
by Robin October 13, 2003
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