1) sarcastic reply towards a frustrating situation

2) sexual demand for harder or deeper penetration.
1) Random dude: I should've stopped after the first cum so I wouldn't be stuck in this traffic jam. Fuck me.

2) Boyfriend:*quickly thrusts tip in and out* Me:"Stop being such a little bitch and just fuck me"
by RollABowl December 24, 2014
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When I want you to take your big hard cock and ram me hard and fast until I'm shaking and squirting
Oh yeah baby!!! Fuck me!! A-Ah~ deeper!!! Ah yes!! Ooh.. ah! Right there! Fuck me!!!
by GummiTheDeliciousBitch December 28, 2016
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1) Sexual demand
2) Used when you messed up something / frustrating or annoying situation
3) Another way of saying FUCK YOU (indirect to the person)
Person A: Why is your car so dirty?
Person B: That's not dirty
Person A: Oh FUCK ME! That's really dirty?
by Sook Ma Deck September 17, 2017
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In Ireland, usually an expression of disbelief or astonishment at a random fact.
It has absolutely nothing to do with a sexual invitation.
"Fuck me I forgot my car keys. Can you give me a lift into town?"

"Fuck me I'm drunk!"
by niamh o'toole March 28, 2008
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Im not gonna be like those dumb s*x things so it means:
When your mad or you got into a frustrating situation
Idk person: Fuck me i got into this situation.
by CR7andmessiisGOAT July 12, 2023
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When you are in bed with your boyfriend

Scream at him saying fuck me baby I want you inside me right now
My boyfriend and I were fucking and I screamed FUCK ME HARDER I WANT YOUR DICK IN ME CUM IN ME BABY as i bounced on top of his huge dick
by CUM BABY CUM December 2, 2019
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If someone says 'Fuck me' it means they want you (if man) to put your penis in her vagina and thrust.. Aka sex.
by Znyia Rodriguez April 18, 2019
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