Looking back and seeing how dumb you were
In retrospect, I shouldn't have jumped off the skyscraper
by EthanTheMightyCheese May 9, 2003
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to look back in time.. and appreciate and ponder about the greatness you gave to the world and society.
I might have finished my job, but in retrospect I couldnt be any happier
by Joess November 24, 2007
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a way to act like you know big words even though you don't know shit.
retrospect of a season. see u in the spring mike.
by Tennisbabes6969 December 4, 2018
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a review of a past corse of events
in retrospect, i actually DID eat ur bacon, and im real sorry
by pseudonym = bacon bits June 14, 2018
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"you know retrospecter"

"oh yeah isnt he the swag man that make music"
by susdo real April 11, 2021
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To look back the the past, hindsight, a reflection on what happened in the past.
by Mia Rosalina September 7, 2020
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a look in the past : or IN the terms of vocabulation explaining a diverse integration of a view of past opinons thoughts experiences; or as well as a rewind of past or before - the past the remembered or the occured
for example the clothing designer Gianni versace had a tenous look about him thus reflecting his retrospective personality and abilities of his past
by jon Q!!! July 16, 2008
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