A spin of "oh my god" or "oh my gosh" with a z on the end, mostly used by illiterate chicks who type only netspeak and sticky caps.
<girl 1>OmGz K sOoOo i InViEtEd BrEnDoN oVa 2 Mi HiZzOuZe N hE gAwT mEh PrEgGiEzZ!!11
<girl 2>OmGzZz!!1!!!!!!!!!!
<girl 1>i NoOo
<girl 2>u KaNt GeT pReGzZ daT mEeNz U WiLL b FaTt eWwWwwWwz
<girl 1>OmGz!!111 i MuZt AsK mOmMiE 4 a AbOrShUn
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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A way to type omg mostly used by middle school girls or scene kids who talk about dinaSAWRS-RAWR.
12 year old girl: omgz i got new barettes to put in muh hurr omgz i hope billy likes them!!!!!1
Scene kid: Omgz RAWR Im a DinaSAWRus Rexxx! With thr33 x's because Im strait edgee xxxcept for the ocasional joint and beer.
by La la laa lanna June 7, 2006
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its an exclimation.
a non-sensical statement.
robert "I got those new bewbie implants"
jennifer "... omgz"
jennifer "...kthx"
by teh pseudonym August 4, 2004
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a spin on "omg", a mix between bz and omg.

Saying it fast will better the affects of your friends reaction.
"Wait, you can't order that--I am!"

"OMGZ! You are such a control freak!"
by PaprikaTay February 12, 2010
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Oh My Godz
Form of "OMG" or Oh My God

by Madacc April 16, 2003
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character in zombie film 1: "a weird virus has turned everyone into the living dead"
character in zombie film 2: "omgz!"
by beecreature April 26, 2007
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Alix: "Rae! What's up?"
Rae: "Oh HEY, you know me?!"
Alix: "Yes. Yes, I do."
Rae: "OMGZ!"
by ohHEYyouknowme July 11, 2008
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