1) A delectable lemon-lime beverage best served cold and fizzy, and possibly with lemonade or alcohol, or both. It has possibly the shortest half-life of any soda, as it goes flat within minutes.

2) The name of a song produced by the techno band freezepop.

3) A nigh-archaic medium of digital imagery composed of pixels, with a notable feature of pixels visible to the naked human eye, now only used in games on the Game Boy Advance. A very popular medium for webcomic authors not confident in their ability to draw. Two highly popular examples are Bob and George and 8-Bit Theatre (bobandgeorge.com and nuklearpower.com, respectively). Used in context as a verb, it is used to mean both customizing/altering an existing sprite to meet story needs in a webcomic and creating a new sprite image.

4) A small faerie that glows brightly. Usually female with 6 transparent wings. Should have no special powers.
1) Yesterday I had some Sprite mixed into an Arnold Palmer. Damn, that was surprisingly good.

2) "What makes the melonball bounce?" "So you've heard 'Sprite' too, eh?"

3) David Anez is a popular sprite comic author. His spriting ability is not the greatest, but he was the first out there.

4) Faeries can be ethereal, much like the Night Elf Wisps of Warcraft 3, or corporeal, much like the sprites in the animated movie Fern Gully.
by Coin Flip June 24, 2005
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A small bitmap image, as used in portable videogames. Some people entertain themselves by editing or creating their own Sprites.
I just made a new custom sprite today.
by João Ferraz December 11, 2005
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Main ingredient for Drank. The original mixer for cough syrup in Houston by DJ Screw. They came out with Sprite Remix to tie into Hip Hop but everybody knows Sprite is the real Drank.
Yo see the recipes on the net to make your sizzurp taste good. Do not use any soda but use DA Sprite Drank.
by Shawnrapper January 23, 2009
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1. A broad term that refers to any supernatural/mythical being, the most common depiction of sprites being of elves, faeries, dwarves, nymphs, pixies, and mermaids, although it is used mainly for European mythical beings, rarely used for non-European ones, and rarely used to refer to spirits ("sprite" being derived from Latin "spiritus", obviously meaning "spirit").

2. A soft drink with a lemon-lime flavor.
I open a can of Sprite and, just as I tip it to my lips, a sprite darts out, swears at me, and flies off in a flurry of magic dust.
by Lorelili November 15, 2006
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Good fucking drink. Much better than 7-up.
Spite + Doritos = Mans best friends.
by Oz June 1, 2005
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a rather refreshing drink


an unusual gremlin-like creature that has no known use
E:can you get me a sprite?

P:ok, what type?

by hippygirl August 22, 2005
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A chick with a tight body and small build.

Generally, sprites are 5-feet in height or shorter.
Look at that hot little sprite over there; I bet she's a slute.
by Jaydubs September 27, 2007
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