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An expression used by someone whose life lacks any joy or happiness to convey sarcasm and pull others into his black hole.
Zac: Damn I'm good at basketball.
Vincent: Probably.
by Rob March 31, 2003
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bum hole; derived from appearance when viewed whilst doggy style sexing her.
"she bent over and I could see her puckered star"
by Rob July 20, 2004
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What'd you do last night? Oh, a couple of people came over and we pulled hang.
by Rob October 08, 2003
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female Genatails i.e. vagina/pussy
Her punyabi contracted when she came
by Rob August 06, 2004
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Rob/ when a boy is given the pleasure of having some of his girlfriend/wife's pussy and accordingly appreciate her letting him have it that he does whatever she asks and lives to make her happy and never even fantasizes about another woman much less flirts or has another woman
Rob is so pussywhipped by Kristi and damn proud of it. She's such a happy and satisfied woman.
by Rob September 18, 2003
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A sport which involves 2 tribes of shaved down castrated gorrilas running around a paddock attempting to insert fingers into each others rectal cavities (as illustrated by the games most famous player, John Hopoate). The goal of the game is for brain-dead butt invaders who have a penchant for touching other males in a forum where they wont be accused of homosexuality until the are safely in the changerooms and can happily grunt and invade each others rectal region.

Usually played by closet homosexuals or people from Sydney or Brisbane who are too unintelligent to understand the intricacies of superior sports such as AFL and to a lesser extend Cricket and Rugby Union.
***Whilst at the zoo***
Person 1: "Look at those gorillas grunting and exploring their anuses, if you shaved them down it would look like a rugby game."

Person 2: "C'mon thats a bit harsh...goriallas can use rudimentary tools"
by Rob March 28, 2005
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