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Matt: Bill fell off the horse and injured his pelvis in 6 different places.

Joe: LMAO!
by lem December 15, 2002
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An acronym standing for Laughing My Anus Off. It literally means laughing until your anus becomes detached from your body. It is a serious medical condition and must be treated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Billy thought lmao was just an expression used when something was funny. He was dead wrong. He told his friend Jerry a knock-knock joke over IM, to which Jerry responded "lmao." The next day, Jerry was found dead at his keyboard. His anus was nowhere to be found.
by Dr. Montacockaplis March 17, 2008
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Somehow LMAO has gone from "Laughing My Ass Off" to a shorthand way of saying "Wow everything is so overwhelming and I just want to die."
"He told me I was pathetic, LMAO jokes on him because I actually am."
by charleigh April 17, 2015
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Could also mean Lick My Ass Out.
Person 1: Good one! LMAO
Person 2: You want me to lick your ass out?
by sbwild88 May 29, 2012
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"Laughing My Ass Off". Used online to show you find something really funny or are laughing at it alot. Starting to be used in real life when they find something "El-EM-AE-OH!".
JESS: I left the house today with a pair of old pants stuck to my shoe :(
Angela: LMAO! No way..
by Smile like you mean it June 18, 2007
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