breaking a girls hymen, possibly when you have sex with her for the first time and she looses her virginity..
I popped her cherry at Dave's on Saturday when no one was looking.
by schifty September 19, 2008
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When i popped her cherry it didnt get all messy and shit like i thought it would
by SC June 14, 2006
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to take away a girl's virginity. it breaks her intact cherry
"I don't want to date her, just pop her cherry"
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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Basically when a guy takes the virginity of a girl. He penetrates her vagina with his hard cock and pushes his dick head in past her hymen tearing it causing some bleeding. A girl only gets her cherry popped once. Can be painful for the girl but then she is ready to be fucked by other guys without pain after few days.
Robert started pushing his hard cock into Sheri's pussy. She grimaced as Robert pushed deep inside her and popped her cherry. Robert couldnt wait to tell all the guys about Sheri getting her cherry popped.
by Traceboy September 24, 2018
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when a guy takes a girls virginity and she starts to bleed. and if it doesn't bleed then it means the guy has a small dick.
brian: hey did i pop your cherry?
carla: i don't kno...
jerry: hahah you have a small dick cuz she didnt bleed!You didnt pop her cherry you dumb ass!
brian: oh man i suck!
carla: oh it's ok little man.... i forgive you
by April 1, 2006
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