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The non deluxe Jesus fish in reference to this leet one <{{{><
Yo man hes got a <>< on his car, don't flick him off.
by rob December 28, 2004
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One that has excelled to the point of specialization at being a dork. Not neccessarily an insult, it can be a term of affection.
Melly is such a nerdbomber.


Pee is such a Nerdbomber
by rob November 14, 2003
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advertisiment + game = advergame.
typically an on-line browser based game that is branded and promotes a company, a product or service and is free to play. A fun form of permission-based advertising.
Play the cool advergames developed by Splashworks.com.
by rob April 19, 2004
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Takes the place of any number of nouns or verbs, especially when you can't think of anything better to say. Often replaces "I am". Sometimes used to be mysterious or because the speaker does not want to reveal what he/she is talking about.
1.) Zabada hungry.

2.) Q. Where you going? A. Zabada
by rob July 22, 2003
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tasteless paranoia. vulgar responses to sane behavior. cup of coffee and a cigarette. get tanked.
I be a certone...LOSE THE LIFE FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by rob March 30, 2005
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1. Someone who enjoys dumping bucketfulls of "man-juice" into their mouth 2. A slutty whore 3. An omelette containing red peppers, cilantro, and baked cod
Holy moly! Did you see that girl? She's such a cumbucket!
by rob April 1, 2003
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