You are extremely tired or are really therefore it would be tiredness
I'm dying of extreme tiredness.
by Meggo Eggo July 5, 2006
It's when you are tired and stressed out. Also known as tireding
by Rose101 lovely February 12, 2017
when people eat and go to sleep like a couch potatoes
my friend shannon ate and went to sleep he got the tiredism
by dj shyne October 28, 2010
Slang use for more tired.
I was tireder than I expected to be after that workout.
by Ray Burke March 28, 2008
A state resembling retardation of normal brain functions brought on by extreme fatigue and/or exhaustion.
"Hey, what's wrong? You seem a bit out of it." "Tiredation, man. I've been up since 4 AM yesterday, and I spent all of today hauling furniture around."
by Maryxus August 27, 2007
More tired than before you fell sleep
I just had a nap and now i am tireder
by Tireder after sleep May 3, 2020
Being more tired than someone normal.
Bitch, I'm more tireder than you.
by Tireder November 23, 2017