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#1 Hit for Sam Cooke in 1957.

It describes a feeling of love so deep, it takes you to another world.
Darling you send me
I know you send me
Darling you send me
Honest you do, honest you do
by Rob March 20, 2004
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... ytse-WHATer? , I'm a ytsejammer. What's a ytsejammer, you ask? It's a person who is a fan of the band Dream Theater.
by Rob September 25, 2003
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Takes the place of any number of nouns or verbs, especially when you can't think of anything better to say. Often replaces "I am". Sometimes used to be mysterious or because the speaker does not want to reveal what he/she is talking about.
1.) Zabada hungry.

2.) Q. Where you going? A. Zabada
by Rob July 21, 2003
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"Hey, bro, lets grab some zizza on the way to the Umphrey's show."
"Sure thing, man."
by Rob June 21, 2007
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