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Christina is an amazing girl, but doesn't get noticed. She's always willing to do things for others and never leaves time out for herself. Although her body and figure may be gorgoes, she doesn't see it that way. She's a very insecure person. She always compares herself to others. Christina is an all around amazing person, but sometimes when you go a little too far, she can turn dark real quick. There's a side to her she wish people knew. So if you know any Christina's , make them smile. Their smile is beautiful and they don't get to show it enough.
Christina looks off today, you should go talk to her.
by BurtBob4 May 29, 2017
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Christina is a very unique person. Her mind and heart are at a constant war with one another. When you first meet her, she appears shy but don’t be fooled; her personality is like a bombfire. Christina is often known for her temper and honesty. She never leads people down the wrong path, even if it sounds harsh or mean. Christina is known for her humor. She loves to laugh and be around people who are funny. Although her humor can be very dark or dirty, people love to hang out with her. She has a presence of being an instant friend. She puts people at ease as soon as she walks through the door. Christina is usually a brunette and short. Her beauty is classic yet timeless and her eyes are the first thing that people notice. Soft and warm, these eyes hold a sense of fire that lives in her soul. Boys instantly are attracted to her and very few can deny her. Personality and looks? It’s a package that makes guys come running. Although there are a lot of options, Christina has a specific taste in men. She loves the dark, funny, lost bad boys. If you don’t have that presence of crazy, Christina will just keep you as a friend. Some Christina’s are also empath’s. They have a high intuition that never leads them wrong. Christina knows more about you than you do as soon as she meets you. Christina can get easily hurt, don’t be fooled by the fire and her confidence. After all, she is human.
Wow, I never met someone like Christina!
by Blue213572589 June 05, 2018
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Christina is the coolest, nicest and prettiest person ever. She is very cute in both personalities and appearance. Christina is very kind, generous and she is the only person/friend that you can trust and believe in. Christina is very sporty, smart and she gives very good advice. She has the best smile and can make anyone smile. Christina is confident and always has someone's back, even if she isn't friends with that person. Christina is the best girlfriend, everybody will fall for her. She is a great kisser and has the perfect body: long and beautiful legs, gorgeous hair, skinny and elegant in every way. Christina try's her hardest in everything, she never wants a person to be or feel left out. She a.ways tries her best to make everyone happy.
1. Person: Omg is that Christina?
Boy: I wish I was her boyfriend she's so breathtaking..

2. Person: Do you know Christina?
Person: Honestly, who doesn't?

3. Everybody's got to at least meet a Christina.
by CrescentAccent January 21, 2015
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She's the most kindest, gentle person you will ever meet. She will go out of her way to making anybody happy even if the aren't her favorite person in the world. She's so focused on keeping everybody happy she's the one that really needs all the up bringing. She may say shes OKbut on the inside she's secretly dying. So help her out of that dark void she's going through.
Friend: hey are you OK you seem distracted??
Christina: huh yah I'm OK just thinking is all, I'll be fine.
Friend: tell the truth..
Christina: being left alone with my thoughts kills me inside.
Friend: but your always so happy.
Christina: that's because I don't want anyone to see how hurt I am.

Friend: your the most brave person I know
by 17black.roses. June 26, 2017
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Christina is a shy yet crazy girl. From afar you might think she is the quiet book worm but when you get to know her she is fiesty. People think she can't but she can and she will beat ur butt. She is beautiful inside and out. Smart and pretty. All the boys like her.
"I was talking to Christina and she was so nice."
by Yaneee August 29, 2017
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Christina is one definitely one of the prettiest girl you will ever meet she so cute and fun to be around but DO NOT TOUCH HER STUFF organization is very important to her, shes sporty and a team player, shes super artsy and has one of the biggest smiles ever. She makes people smile with her since of humour and her sarcasm. To be honest you can't be friends with her of you don't understand her sarcasm, shes sweet load and AMAIZING
Youre friends with Christina? URHH Ur so lucky shes the best
by Sofifi❤️ April 10, 2018
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