The ladies ran over the escalator when they saw the pretty Nupe.
by Darius November 29, 2003
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A novice to psychedelics; Someone who is naive to psychedelics and/or weary of them

the connotation is typically that they have this attitude from misinformation, ignorance or trauma, but it doesn’t always have to be the case for someone to be a Nupe.
Rachel took magic mushrooms the other day and said she almost died! I asked her what strain she took, and she said she couldn’t even guess but doesn’t want to take them ever again. Ugh, I had to talk her down too. Rachel is such a nupe!

Bob said that LSD would make you go insane after taking it just once. I asked him who told him that that. He said his father did when he was a little boy. A shame he was turned into a Nupe at such a young age

You’re really gonna do those research chemicals without a test kit, bro? Come on, Don’t be a Nupe!
by GandEO420 April 19, 2021
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Mama, can we go to the store? NUPE.
by Rob September 8, 2003
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Idiot, stupid, ditzy, someone who just doesn't get it. Australia derivation, especially used in Queensland where there are many nupee nupes.
"You are a nupee nupe"
"Jill, did you hear about Jack? He is such a nupee nupe. He thinks pizza is it own food group!"
by Nupee Nupe from Seattle March 11, 2009
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A Pledgee that has successfully completed all required rituals according to the D.O.P manual of Kappa Alpha Psi

A former member of the Skrollers Klub

An Achiever under pressure

A Kappa that knows KAPPA LORE according to the blue and red books

Any pledged member of Kappa Alpha Psi that can answer Lore challenges from other pledged members
(NUPE talking to another Kappa he sees wearing letters, but never met): Yo man what's good?

Unknown Kappa: Nothing much man

Nupe: Yo man I like your watch, what kind is it?

Unknown Kappa: (inserts correct response)

Nupe: Ahhh! what's up Nupe?..had to make sure you wasn't no paper ass dude..

by Nupe1919 October 11, 2007
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Acronym meaning "Nasty Undercover Pussy Eater"
"Yeah baby you should already know I'm a NUPE 💦💦💦"
by RaeBaeBae December 27, 2014
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To slap your dick against a girl's face.
Dude A,"You can't ask her out, she's my girlfriend." Dude B, "Have you nuped her yet?" Dude A, "No!" Dude B, "Then she ain't YOURS."
by MFMG September 1, 2011
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