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Verb. When you fall off a tall cliff, ledge, peak, or precipice, and proceed to bounce off the walls or edges on the way down, that's called nigga tumbling.
Man watching person fall into ravine whilst bouncing off walls: "Dayamn that nigga tumbling!"
by Rob January 12, 2005
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An idiotic and naive reference to any motorcycle that resembles the famous line of motorcycles from Kawasaki. More accurately termed sportbike. Sometimes called crotch rocket as well. Often inaccurately lumped together as a group of any non-cruiser motorcycles.
Dude:Hey baby you wanna go for a ride on my motorcycle
Chick: That depends, Is it a Harley or a ninja bike?
by Rob February 27, 2006
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1. A short Israeli who has, among other things, successfully hit a can of tomatoes with a sniper rifle from 2 kilometers, beat up 2 US marines in the 4th grade, a girlfriend whose identity was unconfirmable due to the phone lines being cut by the Palestinians, and discovered diamonds while in Israel. It is also speculated that Nir is a pathological liar.
That's crap, Nir.
by Rob March 31, 2003
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a slang word used to convey anger, joy, shock, surprise, or any other emotion that comes to mind.
by Rob March 31, 2003
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a hot girl that should totally go on a dinner date with me
"Noa go to dinner with me."
by Rob March 08, 2005
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when someone is falling asleep sitting upright. Their head makes a nodding motion whilst they blink to fight back the tiredness.
Q) Why did you run over the pedestrians?

A)Had a touch of the noddy blinkers, m'lud.
by Rob July 31, 2005
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n. lacking skill, the moves, etc.
Jason has nogame, and he cannot get the ladies
by Rob March 13, 2003
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