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His ol triflin ass came ova last nite, put his hand all up on my thigh, and i SAID boom! (As in she knocked the shit out of him)
by Rob September 07, 2003
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A city where your guarenteed 2 get in a fight or a big ass brawl ive lived here for 2 years and ive been in ALOT of fites
I wanna get in a fight do you know where i could go?
Yeah just go to santa rosa
by Rob April 01, 2005
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Sati is the shorter word for
"ysati" which means "You suck at the internet".
Omg you sati!
Hell yeah, he is very sati
by Rob December 21, 2004
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Being dependent or intertwined with another event or object that is just as dependant as the other.

Cause and effect.
I punch you in the face, you'll punch back, right?


Your hitting me back is reative to me hitting you in the face.


A Bank owner is very hard on a Farming family. The family is forced out of their house and loose everything, living in poverty. The Banker prospers with their loss. (1)

For 20 years, the family lives in poverty, barely surviving. Eventualy, one of the family members is forced to rob a bank to survive. The bank that is robbed happens to be the same bank which forced thim into poverty. (2)

The Banker looses everything from the robbery. He resorts to drugs (3) and one day, in a drug impared state, he decides to go and buy more drugs. He has a car accident. (4)

From the car accident, he is paralyzed from the neck down and cannot speak for the rest of his life. (5)

1. The Banker's prosperity is relative to the families suffering.

2. The bank robbery is relative to the Banker's being hard on the family.

3. The drugs are relative to the bank robbery.

4. The car accident is relative to the drugs.

5. the paralysis is relative to the car accidsent

In conclusion, the man's paralysis is relative to his being hard on the family, he bought it upon himself.
by Rob January 19, 2004
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Any peroson with a nose extending outwards of 4' from the face, and it must envelope most of the face
Omg, look, its the resco man!
by Rob September 25, 2003
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To be tarded twice..
John who is tarded.. is now retarded
by Rob March 15, 2004
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