Some mormon teens have convinced themselves that putting a penis in a vagina and then not moving is not sex. that’s called soaking. Now the jumpman is the person who will jump in the bed next to you soaking to get some friction going without you technically moving.
Jake wanted me to the jumpman for his soaking tonight… That’s 5 nights in a row .
by papi.daddy September 27, 2021
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Like "planking" only your dick is inside of a Mormon.
Convince your Mormon GF that you are not "soaking" properly and need to continue to adjust the angle.
by Jackie O face July 14, 2011
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Mormon: Wanna do some soaking?
Regular Sigma Chad: it's cock warming stupid mormon
by Ston3rBon3r September 28, 2021
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to place ur penis in a girls vagina, and not move in and out.
The girl was not to have sex, but was alowed to do SOAKING, because it was not the same as sex.
by ...a...s March 19, 2006
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The act of inserting a penis into their partner’s vagina without thrusting so that the penis “marinates” in vaginal fluid without creating any friction. In other words, a penis just chills in a vagina without movement.

Soaking is practiced by unmarried members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) because soaking is not considered sex, according to their beliefs.
Life at BYU: you be soaking on weekends after a long week of study.
by morpheus30 September 23, 2022
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When someone is so sexually aroused ( or horny) that their panties are soaking wet.
I watched porn for so long I became soaking
by SweetHotSEX January 18, 2012
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The act of urinating on a toilet paper roll.
How come the toilet paper rolls are mounted way up high at the WC East bathrooms?" -> "Someone keeps soaking them so they moved them up high.
by Salvatore Brucculeri July 24, 2010
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