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A tall, big, intimidating, muscley, acrobatic, cuddley friend giant :
"wow that guy looks big and scary" "oh dont worry hes just cord"

"big people sometimes scare me" "well yeah but this guy isnt anyone hes Cord"
by who_else_but_skippy July 27, 2006
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A very uncoordinated person that always falls, trips, and is generally uncoordinated. They usually run in packs and are made fun of by people with coordination.
John: Hey did you see how cord james is?
Phil: Yeah, I can't believe he tripped over that pebble.
John: Thats embarrasing
by Jimmy fly high May 22, 2010
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A person who never cut the cord attached to his mother who constantly gets made fun of for being afraid to man up and secretly likes it.

Synonymous with Pussy.
A: "Man he's just taking that verbal abuse from that girl."

B: "I think he likes it"

A: "What a cord!"
by CurlyBitch July 19, 2014
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A cord is 128 cubic feet of wood stacked tightly. ( 3.625 Cubic Meter )
This is typically stacked 4’ high by 4’ wide by 8’ long (4X4X8). (FYI reference: typical full size pick-up, bed level, will hold ½ cord.)
by a meijer October 04, 2005
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A: Do your cords ever hurt?
B: No, like how?
A: Like a heavy throbbing sensation
B: Sounds like blue balls
by moralcompass February 14, 2011
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a term which one can only understand whilst on shrooms.
Sam: don't go upstairs, its not cordly
Ryan: bad cords
Sam: scary cords
Ryan: soo ...cord?
by dank420dankdank February 22, 2009
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