Appropriate response after hearing a compliment. Used in a way similar to "burn", but is used after a compliment rather than an insult.
Person 1: "Dude, you look nice today."
Person 2: "Thanks!"
Person 3: "Soothe!"
by veryumble February 8, 2012
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A big, huge boner is sometimes referred to as a soothing.
"Look at you. You've got a soothing."
by Running out of patience January 23, 2007
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To be relaxing similar to marinating and chilling
The lads and i were soothing out last night
by Timmy Solly August 6, 2006
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Rural Tamil slang meaning buttocks/ass.
My sooth is burning.
by drjelly June 20, 2006
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Short for forsooth. See also ro.
You like furnaces? I do too, forsooth!
by Emilave January 15, 2003
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Having a readily-available stress release when trapped in recurring, highly-tense situations, such as traffic jams or DMV lines.

Being nut soothed has the same effect of drinking hot coffee on a cold day, being distracted by good music or having a dog lick your face. It's not quite as dramatic as winning the lottery, being molested by your favorite porn star, or watching your football hero head-butt an annoying competitor, however.
"I am brain dead, stuck in traffic with rain. Nut soothed listening to Mahler's Symphony #2, "Resurrection" on the radio."
by El Conejo Feliz March 13, 2010
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Buddy, pal, chum, friend, I would be quite appreciative if you were to cease your shitfuckery as soon as conceivably possible, even for a mere five minutes. I am, sooth forspokenth, tired of your fucking shit.
by The Insult Man November 20, 2022
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