A term used when pampering and caring for someone else, and their feet in a sexual manner that is pleasing, relaxing, and erotic. (Usually asked for by a person with power, force, wealth, or beauty. Sometimes all four)
Female Boss: You were late. And once again, I had to do your work today. I am tired of this.

Worker: I'm so sorry!!! What can I do! I really need this job!

Female Boss: *laughs*. I know you do. From today until eternity, you will worship the ground I walk on. You are going to be my foot bitch. You are going to massage, caress, suck, and lick them every day after work as long as you have this job. You will be required to make visits to my home during hours I would like on certain occasions as well. NOW. My pantyhose have made my perfect pedicured feet very hot, and my heels have made them sore. Get on your knees, and worship my feet until I say otherwise, slave.

Slave/Worker/Foot Bitch/Servant: Yes, my queen. I will worship your feet. It is my new life meaning.

Female Boss: *Evil Smirk*
by LikeWTF December 18, 2012
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A term used to describe the action of grovelling or cowering fearfully or courteously at the feet of someone who would want to assert their authority and superiority and press the tongue by caressing with the lips as a sign of obedience, submission, or dominance against the bare feet of who you are trying to gain the favor or forgiveness of.

Byzantine leader Belisarius (500-565 AD) . Belisarius "jumped from his bed", and went "face first" into the ground before the feet of Antonina, "hands on her calves" and had kissed the "bottoms of her soles" according to the histories of Procopius.

The term is used commonly in pop culture to admit defeat in a humiliating and degrading act that conveys disdain and disrespect for the person being addressed; "I command you to kiss my boot, Superman! Let the whole word know you have become by slave" Superman #261 (1973).

With so much attention on the hygiene of feet, especially in summer with flip flops and pedicured feet, the insult has become "Kiss my ass", as the ass is considered the dirtiest part of the body.
"I never liked you Danny, you were always mean to me"
"Danny kiss my toe"
"Don't do this"
"Kiss my feet Danny"
"Good idea"

Trouble Bound (1993)
by Waht Nein! November 23, 2018
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yeet my feet
yeet my feet
by buckets413 January 9, 2019
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J’s is actually a pair of Jordan shoes, and “j’s on my feet” means a person is currently wearing a pair of Jordan sneakers.
I think I can walk all day, because I have j's on my feet
by shiela_72 June 8, 2021
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A term referring to the rims on a car.
"Gotta make sure ya see the buckets on my feet" Yung Joc - Goin' Down
by NateOWNS June 22, 2006
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I must be going; I have to leave now

Etymology: Old Irish saying. Purportedly from hunting dogs who are worn out, sitting on the feet of their owner to take them home. Some say Irish Setter was named because of this phrase.

Earliest known occurrence was by famous Irish author, Maria Edgeworth in her political essay, "Essay on Irish Bulls"
I've been standing here for donkey's years and the dog is at my feet, so I'm headin' home before the wife eats the heads off me.
by TheGingerIrish July 25, 2022
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You have cold feet so you searched this up.
Gay 1: Hi.
Gay 2: Hi, my feet are cold.
Gay 1: Okay.
by defnotmimi July 2, 2022
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