To grow or create. Normally refering to the male testicles.
by cultivater911111 March 12, 2005
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Knowledgeable, someone who has a good education, information, or taste an manners.
Mr Smith is a well cultivated man.
by Samir He April 5, 2016
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The act of gathering energy from heaven and earth and refining it into your own power and strength.
Cultivation is the only path for those seeking strenth!
by Eternal Practitioner August 20, 2017
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A person who absorbs qi/chi/mana or spirit energy that is present in the air via breathing exercises or through pores on their body.
Cultivators are immortal
by MONARCH OF LIFE AND DEATH December 14, 2019
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ONE who cultivates master herbs at top qualities, such as KUSH
"Man, my bro Chris is growin some of that krazzy Blue Dream and Master Kush thats off the hook!"

"I know. He's the CULTIVATOR!!!!"
by KushChronicler January 5, 2010
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When you are talking to someone who is a minor, but don't make a move until their 18th birthday.
Aaron has been cultivating this girl since high school, she turns 18 next month.
by MilkshakeVendor January 22, 2020
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To take your fingers and lightly play with a females vagina. ., past tense; cultivated
Before sex I like to cultivate her pussy
by Mancans June 14, 2018
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