Historically, a derogatory term for Irish Catholic Americans. However , Depending on a few factors it can also be a term of endearment. I am 90% Irish. My experience is definitely vastly different than my grandfather. He was an exploited child laborer & boxer. After WW2, No more signs saying "Irish need not apply; no micks or dogs." Society changed & like a lot of Irish; did well in a simple Union job. I met his lifelong Italian friend who tried to give him a beat down at 13.(1931) When he refused to pay some mob tax for his recently departed Dad. Both men gleefully exchanged racial epithets; in good fun. My experience with it really; was fun. Growing up in a black neighbourhood, when I moved 3000 miles to LA. I made friends with all minorites. My close black friends thought it fascinating that different European races had derogatory names for each other. I was young and was offended by strangers calling me white boy. I was always introduced as "the mick." ❤it. Context is big
Dose retarded cop magnet micks come up past 23 we gotta make an example outta em, let them go in the paddy wagon
Mick you crazy fool!
Give uncle mick a kiss GN
by 40+aroundtheblock April 8, 2021
Derogatory word for Irish people.
The origin of the word is disputed. Some beliefs are that "mick" comes from the common "Mc" in many Irish names. McSorley, McNeil, McFlannagan, ect.

Others believe its related to the sound of a drunken hiccup. I was the captain *mick* of a ship *mick* for 3 years!!

Also, Mick is the word that "spick" came from.
Irish and Hispanics are both dominantly catholic. In the 1900's when Irish immigrants had pretty much been well established, but still hated by many Americans, was also the time when many Hispanic immigrants made their entry into America. They ended up sharing our churches, schools and neighborhoods due to the catholic faith and moral values we had in common. When early retard americans saw this, they bagan calling hispanics "spicks" (Like a spanish Mick).

Mick is also used between Irish friends and relatives in a playful and joking way.
Like "Joey, you stupid mick"

Also Mick is a word that Dutchman are afraid to use, cause they know that us Micks will tear em up. Like the guy "JESSIE" who posted earlier, they only say it on the web, or when we arent around.
"that damn mick"

"My cousin is one crazy mick"
by Irish_Mickey March 12, 2006
Aussie slang for spiked, to have one's drink drugged.
I am far to chirpy this morning, has somebody micked my coffee?
by Melbell January 30, 2006
An old English slang word for an Irishman.
A mick was in here last night.
by Steve July 30, 2004
People who are of fairly strong Irish Descent. The word Mick is most generously used in the U.S Northest, primarly by Italians in Brooklyn.
Hey Tony, there are too many Micks in our club tonight. Lets bust some heads.
by Dave April 1, 2004
Tripping over a cornhole game and falling on your face like a dumbass.
by sooverthisshit March 31, 2017