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Short for the conjunction the, but one letter shorter
by Pengueleon May 4, 2015
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1. The act of judging/categorising someone, based on their face.
2. Teasing the formation of someone's face in a judgemental fashion.
Bully: oi your nose should be around 0.362 millimetres to the left!
Victim: Wow stop looking at me so closely pervert, ooh and that's facial discrimination (thanks pengueleon for that new word you're so cool and you should get word of the week.)
by Pengueleon June 11, 2016
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An Australian company renowned for milking elves to make deliciously smooth milk and it comes in a variety of different flavours.
Authentically squeezed from the teet of an adolescent pregnant elf from Iceland you can not deny that this is Elf Milk
by Pengueleon May 4, 2015
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When the human facial nerve realises that something has indeed landed on their face. Causing the motion of the face to move from side to side viciously.
"Gee look at that guy he must be having a full on Jitter Fest"
by Pengueleon June 9, 2015
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It's in every New York movie, the legend of being "Cab'd"
It's that situation that never happens in real life...
It's the popular ghetto slang term that, I regret to inform you, has never been popular, let alone existent...
1. To be Cab'd: To hail a cab, see them make eye contact, then watch in despair as they drive off into the sunset.
2. be Cab'd (yes there is a pun): You have successfully hailed a cab, congratulations! However, as you turn around to put your last bags in the boot, you see the cab is not there, it is but a yellow dot in the distance.
Trending ghetto slang in the year 2020 s described as:
My nigga, you've just been Cab'd
*you hail a cab and pick up your luggage*
*cab drives away*

*from the back seat you can distinctly see the face of a smug American laughing at your misfortune*
Fellow American: Hey it's like that scene from... every rom com movie set in... New York...
Narrator: well this is not unusual, it's in the movies... you've just bee cab'd
by Pengueleon April 19, 2017
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Some little shit that posts picures of their genitalia.
jimmy: what?
Lucas: let me see
Jimmy: I don't think you want to
Lucas: oh that little Penisposter
by Pengueleon May 4, 2015
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A human is you. I don't know why you'd look for this on the urban dictionary seeing as you most likely are one, but that's ok it's a free country.
(Unless it's not)
You are probably a human if you're reading this
by Pengueleon June 15, 2015
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