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An Australian company renowned for milking elves to make deliciously smooth milk and it comes in a variety of different flavours.
Authentically squeezed from the teet of an adolescent pregnant elf from Iceland you can not deny that this is Elf Milk
by Pengueleon May 04, 2015
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1. The act of judging/categorising someone, based on their face.
2. Teasing the formation of someone's face in a judgemental fashion.
Bully: oi your nose should be around 0.362 millimetres to the left!
Victim: Wow stop looking at me so closely pervert, ooh and that's facial discrimination (thanks pengueleon for that new word you're so cool and you should get word of the week.)
by Pengueleon June 11, 2016
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Some little shit that posts picures of their genitalia.
jimmy: what?
Lucas: let me see
Jimmy: I don't think you want to
Lucas: oh that little Penisposter
by Pengueleon May 04, 2015
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7 year old gamers are typically into Minecraft and use a slurred voice, they own "secret" YouTube channels (with around three subs) and have $20 handheld cameras over their broken i-pads.
They sometimes own their own singing channels (don't worry it's worse than their "lets-plays" and grammar combined)
7 year old gamers have 3 subs
by Pengueleon July 23, 2016
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To Bunbury is to create a fictitious; person; appointment... In order to avoid obligations.
Adj. Bunburying, Bunburyist. Originated from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.
You sure are a Bunbury artist!
by Pengueleon August 06, 2016
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