when you stoned to the fucking bone

originates from Santa Fe NM and refers to the redness of eyes when absolutely fucking glazed blazed
you: ay Finn you red rn
Finn: Andrew ya I am so fucking red. that dark hawk disposable hits hard
by fuckingredrn March 11, 2021
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Dangerous or un-cool. Someone or something that is likely to get you in trouble, primarily with the law or some authority.
"That dude is red, I don't hang out with him."
"Yo, put that shit away, that's red! My mom is coming home soon, go smoke that out back!"
by Superion69 February 27, 2007
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Red is a nickname given to red-headed females by strangers walking by. Its supposed to be a term of endearment, but I don't quite understand it. Having red hair, I have been called Red many times by strangers. If I were to say "Nada Brown (or Blonde, or Black, or Grey), whad up wit you?", that would be insulting. So why is it ok to call me Red?
"Yo Red, whad up?"
"Hey Red, happy new year."
"Sup Red?"
by marsy January 01, 2005
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One of the many different flavors of Kool-Aid. Others include yellow, orange, purple, and occaisionally green.
Guy: Hey, you got any Kool-Aid?
Other Guy: Yeah, what flavor?
Guy: Red!
by Sjork the Viking March 31, 2007
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An awesome Christian Alternative Metal band! They sound similar to Breaking Benjamin and other great rock bands. I would recommend that everyone check them out.
Red is a great band! You should listen to Let Go
by mmKay January 31, 2008
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Short for redbone. Nickname often given to Lightbrown women.
Aye red let me holla at you
by Shipp December 03, 2003
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